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    If you require a physical for your job, we can assist with thorough POP/CDL/DOT examinations performed by certified physicians. Drivers of all experience levels need to have an updated physical and medical card. For some drivers, physicals at regular intervals are required. These requirements are in place to help ensure that commercial drivers are able to work safely and in good health.

    The doctor will evaluate your health and physical capabilities before recording their findings on all relevant forms. Here’s what you can expect from a commercial driving physical exam:

    • A check of your vision: You need 20/40 acuity in each eye, with or without protection
    • A check of your hearing: Drivers need to be able to hear what’s referred to as a “forced whisper” at a distance of five feet or less, with or without hearing devices
    • A blood pressure check
    • A physical exam that encompasses general appearance, eye health, breathing problems, heart murmurs, limited motion, problems with coordination or speech, and much more
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