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Physician Assistant

Julian Rodriguez, PA-C

Educated at the University of Washington in Seattle and the US Naval Corps School in San Diego, Julian has been practicing as a Physician Assistant for over 30 years.

Julian joined Westcare Clinic in 2005, where he has been conducting physical assessments, ordering diagnostic testing, prescribing medications, performing minor surgeries, treating minor & major illnesses, and delivering urgent care and emergency treatment to patients of all ages.

Over the course of his career, Julian has worked for family practice groups, urgent care clinics, county health departments, and non-profit community health centers across the states of Washington and California.

Julian discovered his interest in medicine as a Naval Corpsman, where he found it a humbling experience to be able to help someone who was in distress. He also remembers the difficulty his family had in finding a good provider when he was a child. It is those experiences that have shaped his belief that it is a privilege to practice medicine.

When he’s not at the clinic, Julian can be found on his farm working on a long list of endless projects, playing with his dog, and planting trees.



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