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Washington’s Top Multi-Specialty Clinic for 40 Years!

Westcare Medical Clinic was started in 1981 by Emergency Room Physicians Charles N. Buser, MD and Jerome R. Peterson, MD. They saw a need to provide an alternative to the long waits and high prices of the emergency room. In November 2019, Westcare was sold and is under new management but still privately owned and operated.

Since then, our staff at Westcare Clinic prides itself on providing over forty years of exceptional medical services in Washington. Westcare Clinic has developed a remarkable reputation by providing essential medical services and quality onsite imaging for our loyal patients.

Not only do we practice occupational medicine, family medicine, urgent care, orthopedics, pain management, spine surgery, and neurology but our trained professionals provide various services for walk-in patients as well. Westcare Clinic also treats patients involved in personal injury accidents, motor vehicle accidents, premise liability claims, and labor and industry workers’ compensation claims.



Had to get my class a CDL dot physical and the clinic was very quick and effortless! The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable in getting everything I needed! I also had a work related injury which was also taken care of thru them and had physical therapy referred and was back to work in no time! Thank you west care clinic and staff!

Tim W.

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Always a reasonable wait time for walk in appointments. The entire staff from the front desk to physicians always kind and helpful. Grateful that the clinic is opened long hours waiting in an ER for hour and hours is never fun. Thank You westcare clinic

Mollie C.

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Have been utilizing this walk in clinic for many, many years…. 20+ years! Always treated well by all who work there, and receive quality care. My family drives a bit further to use Westcare but they are hands down better and kinder than any other walk in clinic in the area. Thank you Westcare staff!

Christine R.

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This was the best experience that I have had with an urgent care in many years. Check-in went smooth and we didn’t wait long at all maybe 10 minutes. The doctor looked at my son’s throat and knew right away that it was Streph, said they could run the test if we wanted but would just keep us there longer. He wrote a script and we were on our way! Took longer to drive there than what we spent in the clinic!

Derek M.

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From the beginning of my experience in this clinic until the end the staff were all pleasant, treated me with the utmost professionalism and compassion. I had a deadline to make requiring multiple test/exams and they were able to do all of this here… from a physical to a TB test, to blood work and ultimately vaccines. They are awesome! Will definitely go back!

Myriam G.

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What can I say but this place is awesome! Great care. They treat you like a real person. Not just another piece of meat. Way cheaper for DOT exam prices. Easy to work with. I can’t say enough. I don’t know why they had any negative reviews. Best place I’ve ever found. I’ve been a commercial driver now for over 15 years. Totally worth it. I will continue to use this place.

Rich R.

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Front office staff is very nice which is rare anymore so we appreciated that right from the get go. We had to wait a bit but it certainly wasn’t out of line. It’s just so nice to come across receptionists that show some compassion. I recommend this clinic over any in the Olympia area and they accept most insurance plans.

Thank you Westcare for your caring staff and professionalism!

Michelle F.

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Friendly staff! The receptionist are wonderful. They had us in and out within the hour. Over all clean office. We will definitely visit again if we are not going to our normal physician.

Tasha H.

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We had a very good experience. My son had slipped in the pool shower and needed stitches. We arrived without an appointment during their “walk in” hours and I feel we received great care. The staff were professional and caring. We were there for about two hours, which felt like a long time, but is nothing compared to an emergency room visit.

David D.

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